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The Ontario Drum Corps Alumni Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who are alumni of several Ontario corps. Most of the members have been working on the Reunion concept from the beginning, with the goal of funding an annual scholarship in the name of all Ontario corps as a way to give back to the community for what was seen as potentially the most influential activity in the lives of corps alumni.

Your reunion committee members:

Ontario Drum Corps Reunion Committee

Front Row (L-R): Ann-Marie Urquhart (Stolte), Gary Gomez, Faulene Hopkins (Porter), Brian Menard

Back Row (L-R): Steve Wanless, Paula Robson (Renaud), John Jones

Absent: Joel Alleyne, Don Buckley

Committee are alumni/members of:


Cardinals of Precious Blood

Cardinals of Scarborough


De La Salle Oaklands

Georgian Lancers

Oakland Crusaders

Optimists Alumni

Pickering Blue Notes

Scarborough Firefighters

Scarborough Princemen

Seneca Princemen

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