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At the September 23rd Reunion Event, there were a couple slideshows running, however, the facility equipment didn't seem to cooperate. :(  So that these slideshows are able to be properly appreciated, we have provided them here for you.

It is with much thanks to the Optimists Alumni for the use of over 1,600 photos from their 14,000 photo Gallery, that we were able to provide photos of almost all Ontario corps. Please visit their Gallery at Optimists Alumni Drum Corps (

Also, we thank those of you who took the time to contribute to the show by uploading your photos to our Visitors Gallery.

Because the full Slideshow is over 1,800 photos, we broke it up into 3 shows (below) alphabetically for better viewing. They are about 30+ minutes each, but you can drive the show at your speed by using the left and right navigation arrows. You can also click on a photo and go into a full screen viewing with magnifying available.

We hope you enjoy the shows.

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